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21 years

An impressive 21-year journey shaping eCommerce excellence


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Solutions that meet the changing needs of eCommerce

IXXO Connect

FastTrack Onboarding to maximizing sellers' growth potential

What you can create with IXXO eCommerce

A successful business requires a platform that can adapt, evolve, and scale to meet its specific needs. Our feature-rich Multi-Vendor marketplace platform offers this power. Whether you're an entrepreneur with a new idea or an established business seeking to expand digitally, our platform integrates seamlessly into any business model.

Single Seller Store

Create your own single seller store to showcase your products or services, customize the store's appearance to align with your brand identity, and provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Multi-Seller Marketplace

With the IXXO platform, you're not just limited to creating an online presence; you can orchestrate an entire digital marketplace where vendors converge to showcase their products and services.

Dropshipping Marketplace

The IXXO platform opens the door to create and manage your own online dropshipping marketplace to curate a diverse range of products from various suppliers, without the need to hold inventory.

Online Learning Hub

Envision yourself as the creator of a dynamic online learning hub, much like Udemy, where knowledge seekers and passionate instructors converge to embark on a journey of education and skill enhancement.

B2B Online Marketplace

With capabilities and tools of the IXXO platform, you can start an online marketplace where suppliers and buyers engage to trade goods and services, transforming the way industries work together and thrive.

Custom Marketplace

Are you ready to embark on a journey where innovation knows no bounds? Your custom Multi-Vendor marketplace, powered by IXXO and backed by over 21 years of eCommerce experience, is waiting for you.


Gain Full Digital Control with Our Unified Platform

Handle Product Data, Inventory, Mapping, Orders, Billing, and More – All in One Place.
IXXO Multi-Vendor Platform offers a suite of business tools that can help you streamline and manage your entire business operations.

The All-in-One Marketplace Solution

An all-in-one multi-vendor software developed for the severe entrepreneur and business owner packed with vendor oriented features, latest SEO standards, mobile-ready themes and marketing tools to help you increase sales.

Rental & Booking System

Create an eCommerce website where vendors can sell time slots for customers to book.

Food Ordering

Online food ordering and delivery software with real time GPS tracking for the driver.

AI Driven

IXXO's artificial intelligence (AI) is always learning and adapting to the latest trends, so you don't have to.

Online Learning

Vendors can sell courses within the marketplace (exam evaluation incl.)

Stay in sync with IXXO Connect

IXXO Multi-Connect is a centralized management system for your online store, allowing you to manage and synchronize your product catalogues
across multiple channels through a single platform for managing all your products, orders, and operations.

Connect with AmazoneBayGoogleOmnichannelsFacebookEtsy

Elevate your brand's potential with our Marketplace and Dropship Automation Platform.

IXXO’s import tool is designed to facilitate the bulk uploading and synchronization of products and listing data into an IXXO Powered marketplace platform. It allows sellers or administrators to efficiently add or update a large number of products at once.

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In a world where online marketplaces are shaping the future of commerce, don't settle for the ordinary. Choose a platform that not only adapts but thrives in the ever-changing landscape. Embrace the power of customization, empower your vendors, and provide a seamless experience for your users. The marketplace of tomorrow is within your grasp – powered by our Multi-Vendor platform.
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