Create Your Own Food Marketplace

Revolutionize the Way You Sell and Share Your Love for Food with IXXO Cart.
Whether you're a seasoned restaurateur, a passionate home cook, or a small-scale food producer, IXXO Cart offers the flexibility and power to build a digital storefront that meets your unique needs and preferences.

Want to sell food online?

We've got you covered! The IXXO multi-restaurant add-on is a powerful online food ordering and delivery software that makes it super easy for your customers to a place food order directly from your site or through the mobile application (Android or iOS). Our on-demand restaurant delivery software is applicable for almost any business sector, and is one of the most efficient ways to boost your online business sales


Drivers can signup on your marketplace and deliver orders

Food Ordering

a marketplace where vendors (restaurants) can sell their food online

Order Tracking

Users can track orders with real time GPS tracking

Multi-Vendor Software for Online Food Ordering & Delivery

A powerful and fully featured online restaurant ordering & delivery software making it possible for your customers to easily take up online orders anytime from anywhere. It can be used out-of-the-box for the food sector, grocery stores, drink and alcohol delivery service stores or for service shops that do local delivery

Launch your Online Food Delivery Marketplace

We help you improve every aspect of your online food ordering site

Order, Deliver, Eat

Powerful, fully featured and all-in-one multi-restaurant software to start your own, online food delivery marketplace.

With advanced technology and powered by the powerful out of the box features that can help your business not to just start a food delivery service today but will also stand up with other competing services


Multi Restaurant Food Delivery Software

If you are planning to start a web based food ordering & delivery service like JustEat, Zomato or FoodPanda, IXXO Multi-Vendor Software offers you a powerful web based system for both single and multi restaurant online food ordering and delivery system.
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