The Ultimate Solution for Building High-Traffic Marketplaces with Ease

Harness the Strength of a Robust Platform to Create and Sustain High-Traffic Marketplaces.
When it comes to building and sustaining high-traffic marketplaces, the strength of the underlying platform is paramount. With IXXO Cart, you have access to a robust and powerful solution that empowers you to create, manage, and scale your high-traffic marketplace with confidence.

Performance and Scalability

IXXO Multi-Vendor is your powerhouse to help you open and run a high-volume marketplace

You’re here because you need a solution that will help you grow your traffic and keep up with demand. You need something that can handle both the volume of traffic and the complexity of your site.

Fast websites with NGINX

These days, speed is king. And more than just competitive advantage, it's a necessity. 93% of internet users will abandon the page if it takes more than 4 seconds to load.

Nginx uses state-of-the-art security technology to protect your website against all types of hacker attacks, including DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) and SQL (Structured Query Language) injections.

Run your business without worrying about it getting hacked. It was built to handle high traffic websites, so it can handle anything you throw at it – be it delivering content faster than any other web server or offloading computing tasks to its event system for greater efficiency. Your site will never go down again.


With NGINX Plus, you can expect round-the-clock support from NGINX engineers and experts. Some of the advanced features of NGINX Plus over NGINX Open Source are active health checks, configuration through API, session persistence, and more.

Advanced load balancing capabilities

NGINX Plus helps in scaling out and providing redundancies. As a high-performance load balancer, NGINX Plus enables session persistence, global server load balancing, active health checks, and dynamically reconfigures your infrastructure.

Extended logging capabilities

NGINX Plus offers extended logging capabilities that enable you to investigate performance issues with your applications. NGINX Plus provides a log analysis tool that is simple and cost-effective.

Commercial‑grade activity monitoring

NGINX Plus API supports commercial-grade live activity monitoring, including the dynamic configuration of upstream servers and key-value stores. The process has replaced the Upstream Conf module that was being used previously in NGINX Plus R13.

High availability setup

NGINX open-source uses routing software Keepalived to ensure high availability and prevent failover redundancy. With NGINX Plus, we can further extend this functionality with additional nodes and provide additional scalability and redundancy options.

Application health check

In case of a session timeout or communication error, the server responds with a status code to give a failed health check report. After this, the server is marked unhealthy, and NGINX Plus doesn’t send any client request to it unless it passes a health check again.

Adaptive media streaming

NGINX Plus is used to deliver MP4 and FLV content for HTTP pseudo-streaming. To further increase its competence, NGINX Plus supports multimedia streaming over computer networks for video-on-demand applications with Adobe HDS, Flash-based services, and Apple HLS.

Dynamic on‑the‑fly reconfiguration

The load balancing software is easy to reconfigure and doesn’t lead to any downtime or traffic loss. With NGINX Plus, you get additional features that help you further automate the process of modifying the configuration.

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