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eCommerce Features


Product Attributes

Enhance Product Details with Custom Attributes

Product Variants

Offer Versatility with Multiple Product Options

Custom Fields

Tailor Product Information with Custom Fields

Stock Control

Effortlessly Manage Inventory of your products

Bulk Import

Efficiently Add and Manage Products in Bulk

Digital Downloads

Seamless Distribution of Digital Content in a Click


Create auctions for your products

Product Feeds

Sync Products with any shop/erp

Inventory Management

Effortlessly Track, Control, and Optimize Your Product Inventory

Product Filters

Find Exactly What You Need: Search with Powerful Filters

Geo Location

Search products based on your location


Allow customers to write feedback on products

Product Approval

Ensure quality control on your marketplace

Page Templates

Create multiple page templates for products

Product Collections

Organize and present your products in curated groups, allowing for strategic merchandising and personalized shopping experiences


Organize products in multiple categories


Sell music songs and albums


Sell products that can be booked


Seamlessly offer recurring purchase options on products enhancing convenience and customer loyalty


Advanced Order Management

Consolidate Orders and Payments for Customers, while Empowering Vendors with Individualized Order Visibility

Manual Order

Create Manual Orders from the backend and frontend

Email Notifications

Stay up to date with email notifications


Download or Print generated invoices on the fly


Simplify the Return Process and Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Abandoned Carts

Boost Profits with Enhanced Shopping Experiences: Identify and Eliminate Cart Abandonment Bottlenecks to Optimize Checkout and Customer Satisfaction

eCommerce Integrations


Seamlessly Sync and Showcase Your Products on the Facebook App for Increased Visibility and Engagement


Leverage Amazon's Fulfillment Services to Streamline Operations and Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience


Sync and Manage Your Products on eBay for Increased Exposure and Access to a Vast Customer Base


Seamlessly Integrate Shippo to Streamline Shipping Processes and Deliver Packages with Ease


Stay Tax-Ready with TaxJar's Comprehensive Sales Tax Solutions


Robust Tax Automation Solutions to Simplify Tax Management and Ensure Accuracy

Stripe & Stripe Connect

Effortless Payment Processing and Seamless Multi-Vendor Transactions, Empowering Secure and Convenient Transactions


Enable Customers to Make Quick and Trustworthy Transactions Using PayPal


Enable Instant and Reliable Messaging Services for Customer Engagement and Notifications


Connect with Customers through SMS Center for Effective Communication and Engagement


Centralize and Automate Customer Interactions, Boosting Efficiency and Sales

eCommerce Addons

Enhance the eCommerce Experience with our Paid Addons


Boost Sales with a Powerful Affiliate Network

AI Statistics

Data Insights with AI-Driven Product Analytics

Task Manager

Efficiently Manage Tasks without Interruptions


Engage and Inform with a Captivating Blogging Platform


Appointment scheduling for service providers


Earn Cashback for Online Purchases

Common Products

Create a list of products that are common and vendors can choose to re-sell on their mini-stores

Live Chat

Engage Customers with our Real-Time Live Chat addon

Donation Campagins

Empower Giving with Donation Campaigns


Sync and manage your products with our eBay addon

Virtual Fairs

Bridge the Gap Between Physical and Virtual with Immersive Online Fairs

Navision Dynamics

Streamline Operations with Microsoft Navision Dynamics

Video Manager

Effortlessly Manage and Showcase Videos on Products and Profiles


Drive more sales by empowering customers with our FAQ addon

Auto Feeds

Automate Product Distribution with Product Feeds


Embrace the future of commerce! Whether you are an agency or not you can become an eCommerce provider with our white-label solution.


Sync users between your online store and Keap CRM

Form Honeypots

Safeguard Forms with Effective Honeypot Protection

Partner Sites

Sync vendors & products between IXXO Cart marketplaces

Knowledge Base

Create a stunning Knowledge Portal on your marketplace

Shopify Connector

Connect and Sync Your Business with Shopify

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