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Why IXXO Hub

Effortless Business Management at Your Fingertips

Customer Centric

Our helpdesk goes beyond ticket resolution. With customer feedback management and a user-friendly interface, you can provide personalized support, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Unified Operations

A single, intuitive platform, eliminating the hassle of switching between multiple tools. Streamline your operations for increased efficiency and productivity.


Foster collaboration among your teams effortlessly. Your staff can work cohesively across various tools, enhancing communication and boosting overall teamwork.

Holistic Customer Insights

Gain a 360-degree view of your customers. From support interactions to invoicing history, allowing you to tailor your services to meet individual customer needs.

Our Core Tools with Your Customers

At IXXO Hub, we bring you a comprehensive suite of essential tools designed to elevate your business operations. Our platform seamlessly integrates a range of functionalities to empower your business in ways you never imagined. Explore the following core tools during your free trial:

Suitable for any Business

Enhance engagement and build relationships that last with IXXO Hub
  • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Real-time communication with customers
  • Increase sales opportunities
  • Build brand loyalty
Products & Features


Create an eCommerce website where vendors can sell time slots for customers to book.


Online food ordering and delivery software with real time GPS tracking for the driver.


Distribute digital goods music, software, images, etc.

Knowledge Base

Vendors can sell courses within the marketplace (exam evaluation incl.)

Experience the IXXO Hub Difference

Ready to revolutionize your business operations? Take the first step by embarking on a journey with IXXO Hub. Our free trial offers you an exclusive opportunity to explore the full potential of our all-in-one support suite.
Full Access

Enjoy unrestricted access to all core tools, including helpdesk, invoicing, CRM, online form builder, customer feedback management, documentation tools, and knowledge base.

Hans-On Experience

Dive into the user-friendly interface and explore how IXXO Hub simplifies processes, streamlines workflows, and enhances overall business management.

No Obligations

There are no hidden commitments or obligations during the trial period. Take your time to evaluate IXXO Hub and see the impact it can make on your business.

Online Demo

Discover the full potential of IXXO Hub by exploring our interactive online demonstration.

Our online demo allows you to experience the platform from both an administrative and a user perspective, providing a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities in real-time.

Try it now to see how IXXO Hub can streamline your operations and enhance your business efficiency.

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